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汇联提示 : 2022 Chinese New Year Wroking Schedule

2022-01-30 21:43:05 PST (GMT-08:00
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Dear fellow customers,

At the eve of 2022 Chinese New Year, we have the following work schedule:

Richmond office: closed from 2022.01.31 - 2022.02.01, re-open from 2022.02.02.
Surrey office:  continue to close due to the Covid-19

(All other locations remain closed due to Covid)

During the whole holiday time, Everforex Online will be operating as normal (24*7) for online currency exchange, incoming and outgoing payments. Our back office will continue to be reached at 800-699-4816 (08:00 - 18:00 Vancouver Time) daily, or by email

If you want to transfer fund to your Online trading account, please contact us for our USD or CAD bank account information.

Everforex Online Team

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