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This Financial Services Guide ("FSG") will present you with information about the services provided by Everforex Financial Corp.("Everforex").

The FSG is intended to:

  • help you decide whether to use any of our services;
  • tell you about how we and related parties are remunerated;
  • tell you how we handle complaints.

We will also give you a Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) with this FSG. The PDS tells you about the products we offer and is intended to help you to decide whether you would like one of those products. In any event, we will give you a PDS before we issue one of our products to you.

In this document, we will introduce:

  • Who we are
  • What services we are authorised to provide
  • How our services are deliveried
  • Who do we act for in transactions
  • What fees are payable
  • How we are remunerated
  • How your complaints are handled
  • How your privacy is protected

If you need more information please contact us.

  • Who we are

    We are the services provider described in this document. Our company details and contacts are:

    We are the services provider described in this document. Our company details and contacts are: Everforex Financial Corp.
    430-5900 No. 3 Road,
    Richmond, BC V6X 3P7

    Tel: 1 800 699 4816
    Fax: +1 604 279 8579
  • What services we are authorised to provide

    Everforex holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL# 297499 ), we are authorised by Australian Securities & Investments Commission ("ASIC") to provide the following services:

    • Dealing in foreign exchange products;
    • Dealing in non-cash payment products;
    • Provide general advice for above financial products;
    • Making a market by providing Buy/Sell prices for foreign exchange contracts;

    As Everforex is only allowed to provide general (and not personal) financial product advice, the information we provide does not take into account any of your individual circumstances, objectives or needs. Everforex suggests you consider the appropriateness of any recommendation made by us to your own objectives, financial situation or needs, before making a decision in relation to any financial product. If you are considering a particular product, you should also consider the Product Disclosure Statement for that product before making a decision in relation to the product.
  • Methods of services delivering

    To help customers get the best out of our services, we have developed the following methods for customers to provide us with instructions or make enquiries:
    • In traditional ways, such as in person or via phone;
    • Via the Internet, such as Everforex websites and online exchange solutions;
    • by any other methods as may be mutually agreed between customers and us.

  • Who do we act for in transactions

    As we are the product issuer, we are acting on our own behalf when we provide the services.
  • What fees are payable

    When customers perform foreign exchange transactions with us, no commissions will be charged except the buy-sell spread.

    For international fund transfer instructions, we charge a flat fee of CAD $20.00 per transfer. This fee is payable before the transaction occurs, or is debited from the transaction amount.

    For all other transactions we do not charge fees (but rather make our money from the rates offered to you).

    However, while processing an international telegraphic transfer, the correspondent bank, middle bank and/or the receiving bank may charge a processing fee. The final received amount may be slightly less than the original sent amount. Those charges are beyond the control of Everforex, and we cannot predict the amount of these fees in advance or whether they will occur.

    If the payment is returned by the overseas bank due to the incorrect or incomplate beneficary information provided by the customer, a seperate transfer fee may be applicable for the second transfer.
  • How we are remunerated

    Everforex is remunerated by way of:

    • the flat fee charged to clients on international fund transfers (described above); and;
    • the margin made on the difference between the foreign exchange rates obtained by us through “wholesale” institutions (such as banks) and the foreign exchange rates offered to our customers. Factors that contribute to the size of the margin are prevailing interest rates and foreign exchange market volatility.

    Our employees who provide you with advice and services do not receive commissions. All employees and directors are paid by salaries and bonuses, or other benefits from us. The bonuses and benefits are calculated by the turnover generated by individual staff.

    Our engaged agents may receive bonus calculated against their turnover.
  • How your complaints are handled

    Everforex has a dispute resolution procedure to resolve any complaints you may have, quickly and fairly.

    All complaints should be directed to the Complaints Manager, who will seek to resolve your complaint within 2 weeks, by phone call or in writing:

    Everforex Financial Corp.
    430-5900 No. 3 Road,
    Richmond, BC V6X 3P7
  • Privacy

    We value our relationship with you, and respect your privacy. Please check out our Privacy Policy which may be obtained from our website, or by telephoning us.

    Please note the following in relation to personal information we collect about you:

    • You may obtain access to that information by making a request to do so and providing suitable identification if required by us.
    • We collect your information in order to provide the financial services to you. If you do not provide it, we may not be able to provide the services to you.
    • Other organisations to which we will disclose your information are law enforcement bodies and government bodies, such as the courts, police and Reporting Authority if required by law.

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