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Online money exchange and payment can all be achieved thru Everforex Online.

  • Choose your favorite Everforex branch to register the account, or send the application online. Once approved you'll get the unique login ID and passwaord for online access;
  • Send fund to your Everforex account with the methods we accept, and log onto Everforex Online to conduct exchange transaction against the live rates;
  • Submit the transfer instuction to remit the exchanged fund to your bank account, Everforex backoffce then will process your request and complete the transfer;
  • Or come to Everforex branch to get some cash if needed. Cash availibility is subject to the stock.

You can always track the payment status and all of the exchaneg and payment history records.

The following diagram clearly demostrates the above process:

Everforex Online

Online Users

In Everforex Online there are two types of users:

  • Rate Surfer:
    Rate Surfer is a normal user with identity not verified. These kind of users can only perform non-trading-related functionalities e.g. viewing the real-time rates, etc.

  • Tradable User:
    User identity is approved by Everforex Customer ID Verification Process. Tradable users can perform all of the functionalities of the system including: deposit, withdraw and exchange, etc

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