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When you refer customers to deal with Everfoerx, you may apply to be an Everforex Introducing Agency (EIA) to earn commissions. Our industry-leading trading software tracks and calculates the exact turnover, positions and profits of the transactions.

The EIA would make some initial registration for the referrals using Everforex Online. Once the referrals have been identified and approved by Everforex, all of their transactions would enable the EIA to earn the FX commission.

The benefits of being an EIA:

  • earn commission;
  • 0 fund investment;
  • no market movement risk;
  • Everforex handles the transactions; etc
How EIA works:

  • EIA logs onto the Refer Customer page of Everforex Online;
  • enter basic information of the referral;
  • once the referral got approved by Everforex, the FX turnover would be accumulated;
  • Everforex system calculates the commissions and pays to the EIA;
  • EIA can track the commission history on Everforex Online.

Contact Everforex for more info at 800 699 4816, or email: Everforex reatains the full explanaion rights about the commission policy.

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