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User Registration

  • Register online and approach our branches to get identified with valid photo ID for the first time;
  • If you have dealt with Everforex but not applied online access, then approach our branches with valid photo ID to complete registration;
  • A valid email address must be proveided to activate the online registration; Email change can be changed in Everforex branches;
  • Once registration approved by Everforex, an unique login ID will be provided to login the system.

Core functions

The three major steps are Deposit (the fund in), Exchange (sell/buy currency) and Withdraw (transfer fund out).

  • Customer sends fund to Everforex with the payment methods we accept, and Everforex backoffice clears the funds;
  • Once the funds are cleared, the customer would log onto the "Exchange" page of Everforex Online, conduct the exchange based on the real-time rate, with the options of full amount exchange, rate lock or order place;
  • If a discount has been setup with the customer, then the rate would reflex that discount; there is a period of 10 seconds for customer to accept or reject the rate;
  • When the deal is bound, customer can transfer fund to the beneficary bank account under the "Withdraw" page;
  • If the deal is rate lock or order, the balance must be sent to Everforex within 1 business day after the deal is bound;

other features

Account Balance
display the balance of each currency account
Account History
display the history records
Point History
display the history changes of the rewarding points
Personal Info
view and update some personal information
File Uploarder
upload required files to Everforex
the interface used by an Everforex Introducing Agent to refer a friend
Other Tools
such as the rate panel, chart, rate alarming, message box, etc.

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