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Forex turnover or referring a client can accumlate the points, which can be applied to an international fund transfer to waive the transfer fee.

  • New customer gets 10 points;
  • When George refers Jessie to Everforex, George is rewarded 10 points; whenever Jessie exchange more than CAD $10k, George would get another 100 points;
  • 1 point is rewarded for every CAD $1,000.00 exchange;
  • Every 100 point can be applied to an international wire payment and get the transfer fee waived (exculding the CNY transfer).
  • Please be adviced the points will be reset on Jan 01 every year. So ensure to use the points in time within the current year.

Log onto Everforex Online, or make a phone call to us, to get the history records of the point update.

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