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汇联提示 : 2021 Year-end Wroking Schedule

2021-12-15 18:14:31 PST (GMT-08:00
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Dear fellow customers,

At the end of 2021, we have the following work schedule:

Richmond office: closed from 2021.12.20 - 2022.01.03, re-open from 2022.01.04.
Surrey office:  closed from 2021.12.22 - 2022.01.03, re-open from 2022.01.04.

(All other locations remain closed due to Covid)

During the whole holiday time, Everforex Online will be operating as normal (24*7) for online currency exchange, incoming and outgoing payments. Our back office will continue to be  reached at 800-699-4816 (08:00 - 18:00 Vancouver Time) daily, or by email

If you want to transfer fund to your Online trading account, please contact us for our USD or CAD bank account information.

It's been a tough 2021! We wish you a happy and healthy holiday and take good care of yourself, your families!

Everforex Online Team

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