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Foreign currency exchange, money transfer and international payment, online currency trading. Serve Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey and other Greater Vancouver communities.

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we can help to exchange the fund between RMB and other currencies, and settle you RMB payments as well.

(If you are a registered user of , please refer to Everforex Online Trading section.)

Scenario A: You exchange CAD and send RMB to your business partner in China

  • You enquiry the current CAD/RMB exchange rate, if give it a GO, then the CAD fund can be paid to Everforex to start the exchange process;
  • You pay CAD fund to Everforex in any options of cash, bank cheque, bank deposit or bank transfer, and also provide the RMB beneficiary name, account details;
  • After the CAD payment has been cleared by Everforex, we arrange the RMB payment immdeiately. A confirmation/receipt is issued to you.

Scenario B: You exchange RMB for CAD to pay the university tuition

  • Firstly you need enquiry Everforex for the current rate and the available RMB bank account nominated by Everforex, and then get the RMB fund deposited to this account in China;
  • Fax the bank deposit receipt with you name, ID and contact information to Everforex;
  • Take your ID with you to Everforex to arrange the CAD payment to you in any options of cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Friendly reminder: Customer must enquiry for the RMB account availability before any RMB deposits.

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